Brand Story


"TUMÄ" is a brand created by the SUNON Group for its air exchange ventilation products.
Based on their 39 years of global leading energy-saving DC Motor Technology,
SUNON is engaged in the pursuit of craftsmanship and minimalist beauty in German design.
SUNON creates quiet, efficient ventilation products for a new-generation of healthy homes.
These brand new DC motor ventilation products offer cleaner indoor air quality by allowing your home to breathe fresh air.

Technology and Minimalist Beauty

TUMÄ is a German acronym for “Technik” (Technology), “Umgebung” (Environment), “Mensch” (Humanity) and “Ästhetische” (Aesthetic). It implies a demand for craftsmanship and minimalist beauty in German design. Its implication in Chinese  “璞美生活” suggests a pursuit of the original, natural and minimalist beauty.

The SUNON Core

The SUNON Group is a global leader in the fields of precision motors, mini fans, and thermal modules. For 39 years, SUNON has been committed to development of efficient DC motor technology. Its products are prominently recognized by its world-renowned clients. SUNON products have been widely applied to telecommunications and networking, industrial automation, solar energy, LED solutions, medical applications, green energy and new generation healthy home appliances. 

Elite Product Design

Our elite product design is comprised of experienced engineers and award-winning designers. They design and build highly efficient ventilation products by combining SUNON’s state-of-the-art motor technology, German craftsmanship and minimalist aesthetics. They successfully created the TUMÄ brand of products which create an all-new experience in clean air quality for the new generation of healthy homes.