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The TUMÄ Eco Ventilation product series features an new beautiful ventilation aesthetic. Today’s new generation home products have morphed into sophisticated home décor. TUMÄ’s core product technology is derived from the result of SUNON’s 36 years of state-of-the-art development in DC motor technology. Meeting the need for building ventilation, a series of super energy-saving DC ventilation fans have been developed. 80% energy saving, quiet, water-proof and fire-proof, this product was designed to create a healthy and comfortable eco friendly house life. The TUMÄ series minimalist style and novel design challenge the harsh traditional ventilation shape by translating it into a concise aesthetic for a modern home.

Excellent Energy Savings!
Sound Technological Innovation!

Utilizing DC motor technology minimizes the power consumption by up to 80% more power than traditional AC motor fans. Operating 24 hours a day consumes merely 4.5W. Annual energy costs to run 24/7 would be markedly low also. Truly a better value for your family home.

Super Silent!
You Will Barely Hear it Operating!

SUNON’s sound quality analysis focuses not only on db(A) but also on the psychoacoustic analysis to ensure the fan’s sound quality. Pleasant to the ears creating a more agreeable environment.

Exceptionally High Air Flow!
Superior Fan Blade Design!

120 m3/h High pressure air flow to quickly exhaust humidity and odors. Keep the room fresh and comfortable if windows are not available.

Solid Backdraft Design

Sturdy backdraft damper design to prevent stale air from permeating back into the room. Your family will no longer be affected by hot humidity or offensive odors.

Safety Fire-Proof Plastic

The grille is made of fireproof UL94V-0-certified plastic. The best choice for modern building fireproof safety.

Dust-proof and Water-proof IP25-certified

Waterproof IP25-certified by the Taiwan Electronics Testing Center. This fan will not be affected by outside dust and moisture during operation.


Mounting Dimensions (mm) 210×210×165
Duct Dimensions (mm) Ø100
Power Rating 100-240 (V) / 50-60 (Hz)
Power Consumption (W) 4.5W
Air Flow (m3/h) 120
Noise (dB(A)@1m) 32
Weight (Kg) 1.5
Space 10~20m2

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice. Product specifications are reference only.


Bathroom Ventilation Fan

Bathroom Ventilation Fan Instruction Manual

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