Ventilation Fan / Wall Exhaust Fan





Elegant Design

Different from the traditional wall-mounted fan, TUMÄ ventilation fan is displayed its fan body to space. The fan is designed with a round hole to make the product more low-key and delicate, so that the home space not only maintains the beauty but also bring in the fresh air.



DC motor technology minimizes the power consumption of the fan. Compared with the traditional AC fan, it not only saves more than 90% of energy but also increases the air volume by 1.2 times. Operating 24 hours a day consumes merely 1.7W. There is no burden for 24 hours of operation.



TUMÄ not only has excellent technology in motor but also in acoustic engineering. In 2000, the "Sound Performance Lab" was established. The product was introduced into the sound quality optimization project, and the sound quality of the product was developed from "conventional acoustics" to "psychoacoustics" to create a pleasant sound for the product.


Remove Musty Smells

Strong vortex design, massive air volume can accelerate the stale air exhaustion, quickly discharge indoor moisture and odor, even if there is no window, it remains fresh and comfortable!


Odor Resistant

The airtight design can block the reverse flow of the stale air of the public pipeline, no longer affected by the odor such as smoke smell and odor.


Multi Safety Protection

It can be applied to 100V-240V voltage, no need to worry about connecting the wrong power supply, even in other countries. When the fan is abnormal, it will automatically power off; when the abnormality is eliminated, it will automatically start.


Safety is Our Top Priority

● Certified Fire Resistant Plastic UL94V-0 Rating

● If the product is exposed to an outdoor environment, we recommend installing a rain cover to make sure it is waterproof and safe.


User-Friendly Design

Old fan blades will stain a lot of dust and affect the performance, TUMÄ fan can complete the cleaning process as soon as the panel is opened easily, upgrade the ventilation effect even more!


Clean Air year-round

It can be installed in windows or walls according to space. Even if there is limited space without pipeline, it can deliver clean air to the space, and remove the indoor moisture and odor.

Lightweight without Limits

Lightweight look with minimalist design, easy to install in the bathroom, kitchen, dressing room, shoe cabinet, etc. Make good use of every corner in your space!


Model Unit
Installation Hole Size(mm) 200×200×160
Air Outlet Size (mm) Ø99
Rated Voltage (V/Hz) 100-240/50-60(Hz)
Rated Power (W) 1.7
Maximum Airflow (m3/h) 100
Noise (dB(A)@1m) 35
Weight (kg) 0.63
Square Feet Coverage 71-177 square feet

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